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Our Story

Buddhaland Co. is a passion project dedicated to providing sustainable, ethical, and worry-free organic hemp backpack/bags and accessories.

We began as a simple local store offering handmade products and have grown into a community organization supplying exceptional hemp items in the artisan traditions of Nepali women and family members.

A Piece of the Land.

Every one of our organic hemp products begins as a crop lovingly cultivated in the mountains of our Nepalese villages. We are dedicated to reconnecting humans with the earth, which is why we choose the name Buddhaland Co., because it means the enlightened one and land, a beautiful combination. Our commitment to natural hemp textiles and fabrics allows us to provide durable, antibacterial, and eco-friendly products that look fantastic.

Transforming communities.

Nepal is known for its tight-knit communities where family and friends come together in the spirit of collaboration. All of our natural hemp backpack/bags and accessories make their way through the natural lifecycle of our farms and into the hands of local artisans who deftly craft and create beautiful pieces for the world to enjoy. This allows us to maintain our traditions while supporting a rich cultural heritage with a modest income shared among all our members.

We reconnect you with the earth. You support local artisans dedicated to a cultural craft.

Empowering women.

Nepalese women are the center of the family. At Buddhaland Co., we place a high value on being able to give back to these incredible women that are the heart and soul of our company. For us, the joy of supporting such a vibrant community of strong women is more important than anything else. Every weave and stitch is a promise by these amazing women of their commitment to feeding, housing, and caring for their children and families.

Handwoven by Bina

Your purchase of our organic hemp backpack/bags and accessories goes directly to elevating women's livelihoods in our surrounding communities. It helps us build infrastructure and resources that instill pride in their incredible resilience.

The Joy of Hemp Products.

We love the incredible benefits of providing hemp to you, our valued clients. Not only does this reward the artisans and creators of our products, but it further supports our goal of offering exceptional hemp backpack/bags and accessories as an alternative to mass-produced items that are harming our environment.

Hemp is one of the best natural fibers that can improve our planet. It uses less water, is incredibly durable, and provides a wonderful feeling while maintaining its shape for years.

Local Owned. Eco-Friendly. Sustainable Products.

Our mission is simple, to provide fashionable alternative products that help our local community in Nepal and provide you with quality handcrafted items that have a standout style. We cannot begin to tell you how rewarding it has been to grow Buddhaland Co. We want to say thank you to all our clients around the globe and look forward to years of success continuing this mission into the future.